Jun 30, 2021

Development Update 13

Since our last development update back in April, we've been working on all sorts of new additions you'll no doubt be pleased with, such showcasing the new, textured version of our Type 88-1 from our last update, showing off different gameplay additions such as leaning and advanced scope mechanics, our improved night time visuals and equipment to go with that, vehicles and the means to destroy them, you may even spot some snippets of a map we previously showed off in Development Update 9...

We've got a lot to go through- so let us not dally, and get on with it!

As already mentioned, since Development Update 12 we worked further on our rendition of the North Korean Type 88-1 and released a showcase video on April 15th, the Day of the Sun, officially making it the first ever fully-modelled, fully-textured, fully-featured rendition of the rifle in existence; presented for your enjoyment!

In terms of other improvements, we've also been improving some models on the NATO side of things, such as our model of the G3A3; though we'd not had any particularly negative feedback regarding our G3A3 model (that we know of), there were various things that we thought imperative we fix, from improvements to the iron sights, to adding the "Freischwinger" bracket.

Speaking of improved iron sights, we've altered the way that iron sights appear to better simulate how they appear to the human eye, here's an example with the already mentioned G3A3's rotating diopter drum sights.

Outside of iron sights, we've also been overhauling our optical sights, they've been overhauled to such a degree in fact that we made an entire video explaining it that also serves as a tutorial for those interested in using optics to their fullest in Afterconflict, check it out!

Although it's not showcased in this video, we did a separate showcase showing the adjustment of the reticle of optics such as the PU-1, allowing an intelligent scope user to make the most of even the more basic devices they may find themselves using.

There's also the matter of resting one's weapon on more awkward surfaces, which though important even for firing generally, is even more important for those using scopes, so for that we have also introduced dynamic "smooth" leaning, which while generally keeping you better protected against enemy fire, gives you more stability to return fire, both horizontally and vertically.

In terms of specific models of scopes, we've added a few; relating to the G3A3 we first have the first model of the standard "Zielfernrohr" for the G3, a scope that can be fitted as standard to virtually any G3 rifle to effectively convert it into a marksman rifle, of which were abundant in the Bundeswehr.

However, our next newly added showcase requires a tad bit more context in its addition.

Recently, we've been focusing on improving the appearance of the dark nights of Afterconflict, and with this we've added various new gameplay options to claw your way to victory in the dark, from the stars in the night sky being astronomically correct, to various (authentically flawed) night vision devices, which brings us on to-

The NSPU is the first night vision device we added to Afterconflict, a relatively solid, relatively rugged, relatively reliable scope that lets the average infantryman accurately observe and fire at an enemy at night- or in the day, if you so choose to do so!

In addition to this, we also have a few examples of night vision goggles to show off. Although by the 1990s many militaries of the world had only just started to issue night vision goggles specifically designed for ground troops as opposed to those designed for vehicle crews on a larger scale, it did not stop various forces (especially special forces) from using goggles designed for said vehicle crews like the Soviet PNV-57Es for far more infantry-oriented tasks, and we have a preview of the PNV-57Es in use here:

Despite the pilfering unfortunate faliings-off-the-backs-of-trucks of various sets of PNV-57Es, Soviet vehicle crews are certainly not lacking in terms of the resources needed to crush anything that stands in their way, with machines such as the 2S1, BMP-1P, BMP-2, T-80U, and the BM-21, NATO forces must still keep their anti-tank defences ready if Warsaw Pact firing demonstrations are anything to go by.






But do not think that only Pact vehicles are to be feared for their ability to go toe-to-toe with NATO armour, as with disposable rocket launchers such as the RPG-22 (heavily based on the US's M72 LAW), even infantry are to be feared, those who show complacency are likely to find their end at the hands of an emboldened conscript clutching a freshly fired missile launcher.

Though it is to be feared on the ground, NATO air crews are relatively safe from disposable RPGs as they dominate the skies and rain down hellfire with such feared designations as the AH-1F, and the infamous A-10A.



But they should not be so bold thinking they have the air war won, as there too are feared names in Pact-controlled skies too, from the near limitless numbers of multi-faceted Mi-8s, to the legendary Mi-24P, the "Hind F".



If you're being chased by them, try losing them in the trees.
If you survive, as ever, stay tuned.

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