Oct 6, 2020

Development Update 8

We'd like to start this development update with showing off some improvements we've made to various aspects of weapon and player handling, the first of-which we'd like to show off is staged reloads!

As we want Afterconflict's gunplay to be realistic, we didn't think it'd make sense to continue using the standard reloading model where interrupting a reload by switching to another weapon or sprinting results in said reload being reset and having to be done all over again, even if actions like removing an empty magazine and putting a new one in has already been done. To remedy this, we've introduced staged reloading, meaning at any point during a reload you can cancel it, whether that be to fire the bullet still in the chamber, switch to a side-arm when confronted by the enemy at an inconvenient moment, or even to change ammo type (such as continually interrupting a shotgun's reload to load alternating slugs and buckshot for example).

We posted a video to our YouTube channel showing this feature off, check it out here:

We've also improved on our recoil system, as various facilities are now re-opening as a result of relaxing COVID-19 restrictions, we went to the range to have the feeling of recoil fresh in our minds as we created it, and it came out very well.

Rather than simply make the recoil a load of arbitrary values such as "X makes Y go Z" (which is often where a lot of unrealistic "GUN GO UP"-style recoil comes from), it's instead a collection of various different intricate values that are difficult to explain regarding what exactly they do so you'll just have to trust us that it'll result in a far more realistic final product!

On a less flashy but still equally important note, we've also introduced velocity-based sprinting, meaning that rather than being able to instantly pivot in another direction while sprinting, it takes time to re-orient yourself, avoid the issue many other games have with players being able to sprint and instantly turn around to shoot an enemy when realistically the laws of physics would make it very difficult to do so.

Equipment-wise, starting with what we left on in Development Update 7, we have our updated Obr. 1988 uniform model, now fully textured and usable in-game!

We updated not only the Afghanka , but all the other camouflage patterns too!

The MPi-KM is a very straight-forward rifle, a utilitarian tool used by the NVA that remained largely unchanged throughout its near 25 year production span. However, one change that many people are unaware of is that before it would gain its distinctive plastic furniture, during its first 2 years of serial production (1965-1966) the MPi-KM had wooden furniture. Gradually all of the wooden furniture would be replaced, in 1966 the upper handguard and grip were replaced with plastic, in 1967 the stock was replaced with plastic, and eventually in 1980 the lower handguard was replaced with a "bakelite" one.

Here's a 1966 example:

We have now not only included early-production wooden MPi-KM furniture in Afterconflict, but we've even made a video illustrating the evolution of the MPi-KM over time!

On the topic of wooden furniture, we've also added wooden furniture to the AK-74, something many people were asking for to give a more vintage look!

In addition, we've also added the AKS-74, as was standard issue to paratroopers, along with vehicle crew members that didn't have our next addition...

Following on from the AKS-74, we have the AKS-74U, developed as an even shorter variant of the AKS-74 built not only for paratroopers but for rear-line units that likely didn't require full-length rifles such as vehicle crewmen, pilots, etc., a similar role to the APS before it.

This variant is a later production with unvented handguards, a change in production that occurred around 1988 since the vented handguards were deemed excessive when there was already ventilation through the front ring. However, we do plan to still include the option to use the earlier vented handguards, along with an option not as well known, so stay tuned for that.

We now also have a preview of our first wave of NATO gear, starting with the West German DM51, the Bundeswehr's standard hand grenade that was first introduced in the mid-70s to replace separate offensive and defensive grenades such as the DM41 and DM21 respectively with a modular grenade that can quickly be turned from a defensive fragmentation grenade to an offensive high explosive grenade simply by removing the fragmentation sleeve.

Though this is only the high-poly and it'll be tweaked before we add it to the game, you may be able to tell that we absolutely intend to give the DM51 its full functionality to be converted into an offensive grenade in-game, as in real life.

As we move on to NATO equipment, we can say we're now moving into DEFCON 4 on our road to Early Access, so be on the look out for our coming updates showing off the equipment of the US Army and the Bundeswehr!

Don't worry, the APS and Karabiner-S will be done at some point, we just thought it better to now shift more of our focus to NATO factions now both the USSR and East Germany have a good share of weaponry between them that covers the basics.

So-far we have been developing Afterconflict out of our own pockets, and while we intend to continue developing Afterconflict no matter what, the ability to be comfortable in the knowledge that our rent is paid, food is on our tables, and any hardware issues we may face can be promptly fixed goes a long way in enabling us to be more focused on developing and expanding the game.

One of our Patreon rewards is exclusive access to a channel on our Discord server, which we'd like to invite you to join!

On our Discord server we discuss everything from the game and Cold War history to posting photos of hedgehogs, and the Patreon-exclusive Discord channel is called "The Bunker", and it's where we post exclusive WIP content that you'll be able to see before anyone else!

We hope you enjoyed reading this development update, if you wish to keep up to date with all Afterconflict updates, be sure to follow our Twitter feed too.