Nov 30, 2019

Development Update 2

In this update the SKS has recieved the 10p8 optic, and the SVD has recieved the PSO-1 optic. We've also added more equipment in the form of a flask and holster, as well as finished implementing the SVU rifle.

Come join us at our discord server! We're setting up a hub for our community to gather at and commune with us while we continue development.

We've finished implementing the SVU in-game, a bullpup conversion for the SVD made in the last 80's, with a diopter flip-up sights system made easy to use in-game. However it can adopt almost any dove-tail mount optic.

This is a screenshot of the default diopter sight. It's pretty good for close-quarter engagements and doesn't have the added weight as a dedicated optic like the PSO-1.

We've been working on more optics for the game. We'll share some of our progress on those.
The PSO-1 scope is done in a style from the 1960's where it's coated in black paint, it's a soviet 4x optic typically mounted on a SVD, though it's possible to put it on any dove-tail mount.
We put a lot of effort into making this optic as detailed as possible.

The PSO-1 reticle has a built-in range finder which helps with bullet drop and drift compensation. You can use the left chart, comparing it with a targets height, to get the average distance of said target, even past 1000 meters. We've also made the scope have some impurities in the glass to make sure it's authentic.

The reticle of the PSO-1 can also be illuminated by a small battery-powered lamp allowing for use at night. In-game you can enable the illumination via a key and turn it on/off based on the combat situation.

The 10P8 ( also known as the PU scope )is a 3.5 magnification optic made by the soviets in 1940. Currently as an option to be mounted on the SKS carbine, it will also be available on the Mosin sniper rifle variant once that has been added.

The SKS itself already has adjustable sights allowing for shooting out to 800 meters, but the 10P8 should help players in acquiring their targets rather dramatically.

A flask to be carried by every player. We're still debating over the full usage of this equipment, though it will likely provide players with a temporary stamina boost when used while low on stamina.

When not in use we plan to display to display the pistol properly in it's holster, we're also considering displaying the players primary weapon on their body properly when not in use.

If you've enjoyed our update, please don't forget to leave feedback on our discord channel, your opinion is important and helps us create the game you will enjoy!