Oct 12, 2019

Greetings and welcome to development update 10!

In this update we're sharing our current progress on the SVU, as well as several attachments we're working on adding, including optics we've recently added for the Warsaw pact faction, as well as the PBS-1 Suppressor.

Come join us at our discord server! We're setting up a hub for our community to gather at and commune with us while we continue development.

We're working on implementing the SVU, which is a bullpup conversion for the SVD to make it shorter, which was made in the late 80's. We like to share our work in progress projects with the community to help include them and invite their input on the various aspects of our game.

We've added various optics to the Warsaw pact faction in-game, including the 1P29, 1P78, and 1P76, increasing the amount of currently available attachments.

The 1P76 is a non-magnified red-dot sight which uses tritium illumination to allow for low-light shooting, though the lack of magnification can make it more difficult with further ranges.

We also did some work on the 1P76 lens shader, its optic also has a tritium element that makes it glow in the dark. To replicate this we use a very high dynamic range of colors which allows the scope to turn green in dimly lit areas or at night.

The 1P29 is a soviet era optic with 4x magnification, and a tritium tip. The optic was typically made for 5x45x39 but was also cammed for the SVD sniper rifle, as shown here.

The 1P29 also benefits from a 1.7m range finder, which can be used by aligning the torso to the reticle mark, as well as a tritium tip.

We're working on the 1P63 high contrast filter, to tone down the high range of colors for easier visibility.

The 1P63 reticle is designed to work in both light and dark environments and make acquiring targets easier.

We're adding suppressors into the game, the first one being the PBS-1 which was originally designed to be used on the AKM and AKMS with subsonic ammo. In-game without subsonic ammo it will be half as effective.

If you've enjoyed our update, please don't forget to leave feedback on our discord channel, your opinion is important and helps us create the game you will enjoy!