Mar 26, 2016

Greetings and welcome to development update 1!

This pistol provided an excellent test to see just how realistic we could adjust our system to be.
With our skinning system, each piece of the weapon, such as the slide, can have it's own material.
Each material has unique properties, not just color, but also adjusts the way it reflects light, whether it be from the sun, or a lamp, but also indirect light from the sky.

Currently, realistic gun finishes are on metallic parts and guns will have the standard manufacturer's finish by default.

Players will be able to change this from mundane materials to more exotic things like gold or special paints to make a unique weapon.

A lot of effort was put into replicating everything down to minor details, and incorporating them into normalmaps, as well properly matching the reflective properties of each material itself, based on physically based rendering that the engine supports.

If you've enjoyed our update, please don't forget to leave feedback on forum, your opinion is important and helps us create the game you will enjoy!